Back in September 2018 we started some exciting work on our main entrance and admissions building! Over the winter period we have been busy implementing a new website and system infrastructure that is ready to launch on the 20th March.

Whilst we are in the final stages of the new entrance building and transferring our old shop into the new, as of Monday 11th March, all visitors will be directed to enter the park via the exit and ticket purchases will be made from the temporary ticket office in the car park.

Our staff will be on hand to help and guide visitors to the correct entry and ticket purchase points, we thank you for your patience and cooperation during this short period until our admissions office is ready to open to allow entry into the zoo.

Whilst we make adjustments from our old system to the new there may be minimal disruption. Our staff have been busy learning the new system over the last few months but please bear with us in our early days of using the system in the live environment.

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