Poem Competition

The last few months have presented lots of different challenges not only for Colchester Zoo but all of us individually and our families, as we found our normal routines and ways of life significantly disrupted. During these times many adults and children have found different ways to express their feelings.

Some have found lots of joy in walks and exploring nature, some may have grown vegetables or created lovely gardens. Many people will have found other creative ways to help themselves express how they are feeling; like writing diaries, telling stories or perhaps even writing a poem.

Colchester Zoo’s Finance Director, Julie Tropeano, expressed her feelings from the effects of lockdown and experience of reopening the zoo via a poem and would like to share this with you all but also invite you too to express your feelings via this therapeutic way with words.
You can read Julie’s poem here.

Now the children have returned to school we thought we’d set a challenge for them to write their own poem about what their happiest memories are from this time along with what they are looking forward to in the future.

If your child would like to write a poem and share this with us, we will enter every poem received into a prize draw for the chance to win some amazing prizes!  The poems will be read by the management team here at Colchester Zoo and the top 3 will this receive a surprise prize and we will publish the 3 poems to our website!

With guardians permission, send your poem to competitions@colchesterzoo.org by the 25th October to be in with your chance of winning!

Terms and conditions

  • Entrants must have parental/guardians permission to enter
  • On entry, please supply first name and age of child entering along with full contact details for guardian
  • Competition is aimed at children up to the age of 15yrs. Entrants will be grouped into ages and a winner from each age group selected.
  • Prizes are subject to Colchester Zoo’s discretion and cannot be exchanged or extended under any circumstance
  • Competition closes on the 25th October 2020

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