Information for Zoo Passholders

We appreciate that we have a number of Colchester Zoo Passholders who are now unable to visit whilst we are closed due to COVID-19.

Please rest assured that no passholder will lose out as a result of the COVID 19 restrictions but will in fact gain. The points below should offer clarification to passholders about what will happen next –

• All current passes will be ‘frozen’

• All current passholders will be given 13 months instead of the usual 12 plus the period of months that the zoo is closed

• If your pass expires during the period of closure, the passholder will have one month (4 weeks) from the date of the zoo re-opening to renew their pass to qualify for the 15% renewal discount

• Your renewed pass will be ready for collection when the zoo reopens and will be validated for your qualifying admission period.

• If you have a Zoo Pass Gift Voucher please click here to find out more.

Following a number of passholders saying that they would rather not accept the extension but donate the time on their pass to the Zoo we are sending a communication via email to all passholders whose pass is valid to ask them to opt in or out of this extension. If unanswered we will assume that you would like both the extension of the month gratuity and the time we have been closed. Please look out for this communication in the meantime.

If you choose to donate your months on your Zoo Pass to the Zoo Operating Fund, anyone whose pass has expired from march to reopening will have one month to renew their Zoo Pass. It will not be back dated to the expiry but start on the day of purchase and you will still receive 15% discount.

If you choose to extend your pass – We will not be issuing new passes to those with a current Zoo Pass due to the high number of passholders this will affect. We would ask that instead, you continue to bring your Zoo Pass with you when visiting after the expiry date printed on your card. On arrival at the main admissions gate please make a member of staff aware you are visiting during your extended period so they can admit you free of charge.

Please be aware that Zoo Passes are not available to purchase whilst we are closed. If you would like to offer your support and lend a helping hand you can do so via donating to the Colchester Zoo Operating Fund.

We would like to thank all our loyal passholders for their support so far, your kind words continue to keep up the morale of our team during this difficult time.

NB. The extension gesture is subject to change at any time and as with many things at the moment, we are unable to say how long this extension will be available for, but we will update you should the situation change.

Please be aware that due to the closure of Colchester Zoo our offices are not currently open. Although emails are being monitored it may be a while before you receive a response.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and ongoing support in these very unusual times.

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