Out and About Talks

Free* Educational Tours

These informative tours enable pupils to find out more about our animals at their enclosures.  The tours last 45 minutes and are suited for a maximum of 20 pupils.

Available Topics:

See detailed descriptions of the tours below.

Tours are seasonally dependant and only available October-March. Please note that all sessions are subject to availability.  Tours are very popular, and book up quickly, so if you are interested, book well in advance. 
These tours do not provide behind the scenes access to enclosures or animals.

If you need to discuss anything before booking your visit, please feel free to call or email our schools coordinators to discuss your visit: 01206 332511 or 01206332512 or email  education@colchesterzoo.org

*Unfortunately, due to an increase in schools booking sessions and not attending them, we have sometimes been unable to offer sessions to schools who request them. For this reason, for all educational sessions booked from the 20th February 2017 onwards, Colchester Zoo reserves the right to charge a £20 fee for all educational sessions which are booked but not attended either due to last minute cancellation (less than 1 week notice), or not attending on the day without a valid reason. If you attend the session they are free of charge. The charge only applies to non-attended and/or late cancellations.

African Animal Tour

Colchester Zoo has many different species of African Animals.  This tour will lead you past some of the popular favourites, as well as point out some of the lesser known and hard to find animals.  

Endangered Animals Tour

An endangered animal is one what is at risk of going extinct.  If they go extinct, they are no longer found anywhere.  On this tour, pupils will learn about the different levels of endangered species and spot some of the rarest animals at Colchester Zoo.

Predators Tour

Big teeth, and big claws mean predators. Or does it always?  This tour will lead you to the enclosures of some of the largest, toughest predators at the zoo, as well as some of the animals you might think are predators but that actually like to eat plants. Discover which animals are bullies, scavengers, or real hunters.  

Rainforest Animals Tour

What is a rainforest?  Discover the answer to this questions as staff lead your group to animals that live in all layers of the rainforest.  Birds, monkeys, reptiles and who knows what else can all be spotted as pupils discover where these animals are from and how they survive in the rainforest.

Water Animals Tour

Over 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, which means there are a lot of aquatic and semi-aquatic animals! This tour includes animals that live in water all the time, animals that live in water some of the time, and animals that live close to water.  Staff will point out some of the adaptations these animals have that let them survive in their wet habitats.




Opening times: 

9.30am – 5.00pm or dusk if earlier*

*Last admission 4.00pm

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