Elephant Kingdom

African Elephant (Loxodonta africana)
Distribution: Africa south of the Sahara.
Status: Vulnerable and listed on Appendix II on the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS or Bonn Convention). Listed in Appendix I of CITES in 1989, but the populations of the following Range States have since been transferred back to Appendix II: Botswana (1997), Namibia (1997), South Africa (2000) and Zimbabwe (1997)

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Elephant Kingdom is one of Colchester Zoo's most impressive enclosures and is at the forefront of modern zoo design. The unique concept of our design allows all the elephants maximum sight, sound and physical contact and has specially designed night stalls, a roped off "safe area" and spacious indoor bull elephant quarters.

We have four elephants, one male and three females.  Our four elephants can be viewed in their large outdoor paddocks where they have access to a waterfall and pool area. You will usually find that our bull elephant will often be on his own in his paddock as, in the wild, bull elephants tend to lead a naturally solitary life.

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All the elephants here at Colchester Zoo are part of the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme EEP, in which we hope to have much success in the future.

Colchester Zoo's charity Action for the Wild also supports the Elephant Orphanage Project in Zambia, with its mission to rescue, rehabilitate and release orphaned elephants into protected reserves. The elephants they look after have become orphans due to the illegal ivory trade.



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