Euro’mals 2024

It’s officially the start of the Euros 2024 and we’ve kick started this incredible tournament with our very own ‘Euro’mals’ tournament, matching each country with a unique animal from their homeland. Which species is your favourite, and which one will tackle their opponent to come out on top!

14th July 2024 – FINAL!

Spain Twitter Emoji
Tenerife Blue ChaffinchNear ThreatenedThis beautiful little song bird is the national symbol of Tenerife and can only be found on the island in the Spanish Canary islands.
England Twitter Emoji
Puffin VulnerableWith their wings tucked behind them and brightly coloured bills, puffins are a charismatic seabird found on islands across England.


Scotland Twitter Emoji
Eurasian Beaver Least ConcernIn 2009, the Scottish Beaver Trial saw the release of the first wild beavers in Scotland in over 400 years, after they were hunted to extinction.
Hungary Twitter Emoji
OspreyLeast Concern The osprey is a fish-eating bird of prey and can be found across Europe during the summer near any body of water which provides an adequate food supply.
Croatia Twitter Emoji
European Pine Marten Least Concern The European pine marten is a small carnivorous mammal and is also the national animal of Croatia.
Albania Twitter Emoji
Golden Eagle Least Concern The majestic golden eagle is the national symbol of Albania and these amazing apex predators can have a wingspan of over 2 metres.
Serbia Twitter Emoji
Grey Wolf Least Concern The grey wolf is Serbia’s national animal and features heavily in epic poetry and folklore as a symbol of fearlessness.
Poland Twitter Emoji
Ermine Stoat Least Concern The word ermine is used to describe a stoat with a pure white winter coat, which helps the stoat blend into the snowy surroundings when hunting.
Ukraine Twitter Emoji
Nightingale Least Concern This songbird is a staple of Ukrainian culture, featuring in poetry, songs, and folklore where they are seen as “a creator of sweet sounds, a builder of homes, and harbinger of spring”.
Czechia Twitter Emoji
European Goldfinch Least Concern This small social bird is often found in flocks of up to 40, made up of male and female pairs who form long-lasting pair bonds together.
Italy Twitter Emoji
Spectacled Salamander Least Concern The Italian Alps are home to a variety of mountainous animals, but one endemic species found only in Italy is the spectacled salamander.
Denmark Twitter Emoji
Mute SwanLeast Concern These wonderfully elegant birds have been the national animal of Denmark since the 1980s and have gained popularity as the star of Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Ugly Duckling’.
Slovakia Twitter Emoji
MooseLeast Concern The moose is the largest species of deer on the planet. However, unlike most deer species, the moose is solitary but can be seen in herds during the breeding season.
Georgia Twitter Emoji
Western TurEndangered This goat-antelope only lives in mixed herds during the mating season from November to January
Belgium Twitter Emoji
Common KestrelLeast ConcernThe national bird of Belgium, the kestrel is one of the smallest birds of prey and can see in near-ultraviolet light which allows them to spot urine trails around rodent nests.
Slovenia Twitter Emoji
Edible DormouseLeast ConcernThe edible dormouse is adapted to escape from predators: if another animal grasps the tail, the skin breaks easily and slides off the underlying bone, allowing the dormouse to run away.
Romania Twitter Emoji
Carpathian LynxLeast ConcernThe Carpathian lynx, a subspecies of the Eurasian lynx, populates the Carpathian mountains in Romania.
Austria Twitter Emoji
Wild BoarLeast ConcernThese large and stocky boars are nocturnal and sleep during the day in nests made from leaves. They are also the ancestor of nearly all domestic pigs.
Germany Twitter Emoji
European HamsterCritically EndangeredThis rodent is considerably larger than pet hamsters and can be found on farmland across Germany.
Portugal Twitter Emoji
Smooth HammerheadVulnerablePortugal has the largest marine area in the EU and has an incredible diversity of marine species, including the smooth hammerhead.
Switzerland Twitter Emoji
Alpine MarmotLeast ConcernThe collective name for these inquisitive rodents is a madness. They live high up in the alps and can be found up to 3200m above sea level.
Turkey Twitter Emoji
MouflonNear ThreatenedThe mouflon is a domestic sheep species originally from western Asia. It is thought to be the ancestor of all domestic sheep breeds.
France Twitter Emoji
Chamois Least ConcernThe chamois is a goat-antelope that lives in mountainous regions across France including the Alps and Pyrenees and have been sighted at altitudes of over 3,600m.
Netherlands Twitter Emoji
Black-tailed GodwitNear ThreatenedThe black-tailed godwit is the national bird of the Netherlands. Mated pairs form strong bonds and they will often choose the same partner over consecutive years.

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