Start Date29th Nov 2019 End Date29th Nov 2019

This photography experience is a great opportunity to learn about photography while getting good images of the big cats here at Colchester Zoo. Participants will have access to one-to-one advice by professional wildlife photographer Barbara Meyer, who will be available throughout the experience to offer advice on technical photographic aspects and to help participants with the settings on their camera.

Based on Barbara’s connection to wildlife conservation, our customers will also benefit from learning more about the big cats and how knowing the animals will help to get better images.

The Big Cat Photography workshops will start at 11:00am and will finish at 5:00pm. You will work around Colchester Zoo’s Big Cat talks taking photos of the Amur tigers, Amur leopards, lions and other wildlife species that you will pass on the way.

Through this approach our customers will be able to have great photo opportunities, and they can utilise what they have learnt when coming back to Colchester Zoo on their own.

In order to make our Big Cat Photography workshop most beneficial to all participants, we apply a maximum number of 6 photographers per event (minimum of 4 people). Click here for more information

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