Start Date24th Sep 2022 End Date24th Sep 2022

Join us for a late summer evening at Colchester Zoo!

Enjoy a magical twilight spectacular as we remain open until 9.30pm on Saturday 10th and 24th September!

As the temperature drops and the senses sharpen you will have the chance to see some of our animals in a whole new light, as some bed down for the evening whilst for others the night is just beginning! PLUS, we have a range of fun-filled activities taking place into the evening, including tales under the stars and marimba music from Otto & The Mutapa Calling, at no extra cost. View our timetable below for more information and our additional late evening encounters.

Passholders: This event is FREE for Zoo Passholders. Simply turn up on the day and bring with you your valid zoo pass to gain entry into the zoo.

Paying Visitors: Paying visitors are no longer required to pre-book tickets, however, we recommend all non-passholders book their tickets online in advance to receive the best price on admission. Starlight Safari Night is included within standard admission making your entry AMAZING value for money!

All guests are advised to bring a torch when visiting on our Starlight Safari Nights.


For our full map, we recommend downloading the Colchester Zoo App!

5:00pm: Pygmy Hippopotamus Inside – Kingdom of the Wild
5:00pm: Red Panda – Wilds of Asia
5:10pm: African Paddock Animals – Kingdom of the Wild (Outside paddock)
5:20pm: Chimpanzee – Chimpanzee Lookout
5:40pm: Patagonian Sea Lion – Playa Patagonia
5:40pm: Mandrill Monkey Edge of Africa
6:00pm: Cheetah – Edge of Africa
6:00pm: Gelada Baboon – Gelada Plateau
6:20pm: Humboldt Penguin – Inca Trail
6:40pm: Amur Tiger – Tiger Taiga
6:40pm: Komodo Dragon – Dragons of Komodo
7:00pm: Smooth-coated Otter – Otter Creek
7:00pm: Spotted Hyena – Edge of Africa
7:00pm: African Elephant – Elephant Kingdom (Outside paddock)
7:20pm: Slender-tailed Meerkat – Suricata Sands
7:40pm: Malayan Sun Bear – Bears of the Rising Sun (Upper viewing area)
8:00pm: Torchlight Patagonian Sea Lion – Playa Patagonia
Time: 5:30pm – 8:00pm
Location: Elephant Paddock near Safari Snack Shop

Enjoy wild tales underneath the twinkling stars…
Time: 6:15pm
Location: Main Stage by Penguini’s Terrace (In poor weather this activity will move to the Kalahari Theatre)

Do you know your primates from your apes? Join our quiz and discover just how much you think you know about all creatures great and small…
Time: 5:30pm, 7:00pm and 8:30pm
Location: Main Stage by Penguini’s Terrace (In poor weather this activity will move to the Kalahari Theatre)

Listen to exciting marimba music from Otto & The Mutapa Calling!
Time: 7:45pm
Location: Main Stage by Penguini’s Terrace (In poor weather this activity will move to the Kalahari Theatre)

Dance into the evening with our Summer Party on the stage…
Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Location: Lake Area by Scoop and Go

Join the Essex Bat Group as they look to the darkening skies to find out which bats have emerged to enjoy a balmy evening as they search for dinner…
Time: Last train leaves at 8:30pm
Location: Lost Madagascar Train Station.

Take a journey onboard the Lost Madagascar Express and see what animals you can spot along the route…
Our Lost Madagascar Road Train will be running into the evening however it will not be stopping at our Lemur Walkthrough.

Please beware that all events, dates and times are subject to change.

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