Start Date30th Jul 2022 End Date30th Jul 2022

Join us until 7:30pm for our extended summer opening where you can enjoy the zoo into the evening summer light with our additional animal encounters.

Experience a summer like no other as we host a number of activities for all the family to enjoy! Journey around the park and watch as our animals soak up the summer sun. Feeling toasty yourself? Duck out of the heat and head into one of our many undercover areas! You can even pick yourself up a delicious and cooling treat at one of our many seasonal catering outlets, such as Slush Station!

Stretched out Summer Days evening encounter timetable:

5:15pm – Red Panda
5:30pm – Smooth-coated Otter
5:45pm – Orangutan
6:00pm – Sea Lion
6:15pm – Spotted Hyena
6:30pm – Meerkat
6:45pm – Sun Bear

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