Keeper for the Day – Experience B

Get closer than ever before!

Embark on a journey around Colchester Zoo and be introduced to a host of amazing animals, including the mischievous meerkats, Gelada baboons and much more.

Otters, Gelada Baboons & Meerkats:
  • Find out all about our otter family from their keepers.
  • Meet the World’s last ‘Grass-grazing’ primates the Gelada Baboons.
  • Join the Mob of Meerkats and help clean out their ‘Suricata Sands’ exhibit
  • Meet the leaping lemurs and learn all about this popular species.
  • Assist one of the primate keepers in encouraging natural behaviours such as feeding and foraging.
Anteaters& Sun bears:
  • Get the opportunity to go behind the scenes at our bears purpose built facility
  • See our two anteaters and learn more about them

Don’t forget to collect your special souvenir pack from the Experience Check In at the end of the day!


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