Your chance to go behind the scenes!

Travel around the zoo with our dedicated keepers to meet animals from the deepest oceans to the tops of the tallest trees. You’ll meet fascinating sealions, mischievous lemurs, inquisitive penguins, intelligent orangutans, misunderstood hyenas, slender cheetahs and more! 

Sealions & Penguins:

  • Have the amazing opportunity to see a close up training demo with our Sealions!
  • Feed our adorable Penguins and hear about their fun shenanigans.

Lemurs & other primates:

  • Step inside the awesome Madagascan world of Lemurs and leap into action to assist the keepers.
  • Assist one of the primate keepers in encouraging natural behaviours such as feeding and foraging.

Hyenas & Cheetah:

  • Venture behind the scenes to meet one of the world’s most misunderstood animals the Spotted Hyenas.
  • Meet the speedy Cheetahs and hear about the work we do to ensure the survival of this species in the wild.

Don’t forget to collect your special souvenir pack from the Experience Office at the end of the day!

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