Island Dwellers

Island Dwellers can be found past Tiger Taiga and is home to two endangered Philippine species, the Visayan warty pig and Philippine spotted dear. The two species accompany one another in their enclosure. 

Visayan Warty Pig (Sus cebifrons)
Distribution: The islands of Negros and Panay in the Philippines.
Status: Critically Endangered

Warty Pig 18The Visayan warty pig is a dark grey colour, and the body is lightly covered with bristly hairs.  There is a tuft of hair in between the ears and like all pigs, the face is long and ends with a round nasal disc.

Although called a warty pig, facial warts of this species are small and only found in males. These pigs are best recognized by the white stripe which runs over the bridge of the nose behind the mouth.

Philippine Spotted Deer (Rusa alfredi)
Distribution: The islands of Negros and Panay in the Philippines.
Status: Endangered

Spotted Deer 18A small, short-legged deer, the Philippine spotted deer is easily recognized by its distinctive pattern of coloured spots across its dark brown back and sides. Only males grow short antlers (around 25 cm long) with three tines on each.

Philippine spotted deer are usually most active at night, when they emerge from the forest to feed in clearings.



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