Lion Rock

African Lion (Panthera leo)
Distribution: Africa, southern Sahara to South Africa
Status: Vulnerable and listed on Appendix II of CITES.

Lion Rock opened in April 2004 and cost £200,000 to build, and houses our three African Lions. Lions are the largest mammalian predators in Africa; they hunt large prey such as Wildebeest, Zebra and Buffalo.Lion full 18

Due to the increasing human population, more lions are being considered problem animals and being shot. Lions being scavengers mean they are vulnerable to poisoned carcasses. Learn more about our lions at the daily lion encounter.


Colchester Zoo is pleased to have received a helping hand from Lion Walk and Red Lion Yard, one of Colchester's top retail areas. They have kindly sponsored 'Lion Rock'. Lion Walk is located just off the High Street in Colchester town centre, Lion Walk and Red Lion Yard are home to a mix of big name stores and smaller independent shops and services.

Find out more at www.lionwalkshopping.com or 'like' www.facebook.com/lionwalkshoppingcentre for the latest news and special offers.


5.00pm close or dusk if earlier
Last admission to zoo grounds at 4.00pm

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