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Booking to visit Colchester Zoo:

To begin with we will be releasing tickets 7 days in advance for both paying visitors and passholders. Both will have to book a time slot for arrival on the day of their visit up until zoo close. As restrictions ease, we will review the booking system.

We hope that by releasing tickets 7 days in advance it will avoid the high requests we receive to change and refund tickets as tickets are non-refundable and there is an admin fee to change dates. This will offer a fair opportunity for everyone to book & enjoy a safe visit.

Bookings from Colchester Zoo’s temporarily closure:

If you had previously paid for tickets to visit us during the Zoo’s closure we made a number of options available to you:

1. Donate: You could choose to support Colchester Zoo and donate the money from your tickets to help care for the animals.

2. Transfer: You also had the option to transfer your tickets to an open dated ticket valid to visit us for 1 day within 6 months of reopening.

3. Refund: If you preferred we also offered a full or partial refund for the tickets purchased.

If your booking has been affected, you can still inform us of what you would like to do with your booking via the form on our Lockdown FAQs here.

Those who do not complete the form we will assume you are donating the cost of your ticket to help support the zoo during this difficult period for which we are very grateful.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and ongoing support in these very unusual times.

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