Working together we can remain open for a safe enjoyable visit to Colchester Zoo

We are pleased to announce that we are open for visits to Colchester Zoo!

Both our indoor and outdoor areas are open, and as the majority of Colchester Zoo is open-air with wide pathways and open areas, we hope that this will be an ideal location for those who would like to venture outside, reunite and reconnect with nature but within a safe, managed environment.

We have carried out the relevant risk assessments and have prepared the park to ensure a safe visit for everyone. In order to be open safely, we have a number of restrictions and conditions which we kindly ask visitors to please comply with.

We politely ask for your patience and understanding as we continue to make adjustments to the conditions as outlined to us by Government which can change without notice.

🐾 There is a restriction on the number of visitors per day to ensure we can comply with social distancing measures.

🐾 Some indoor areas remain closed for the time being due to Government guidelines, we hope to reopen these at the next stage of the Government’s Roadmap.

🐾 Tickets are available online in times slots so that we can space out arrival times. This is based on 30-minute slots throughout the day (this refers to arrival time only). Passholders may visit WITHOUT the need to book in advance, however this is on a trial basis and we may be required to reinstate a booking system at any time.

🐾 Staff are receiving daily health checks before starting work and wearing the relevant PPE. Staff have also receive additional COVID-secure safety training.

🐾 Thorough and regular deep cleaning and disinfecting is being carried out across the Zoo throughout the day.

🐾 We ask all visitors to follow social distancing rules and look out for our orange ‘High Traffic Area’ signs and be extra vigilant in these areas.

🐾 Additional hand sanitising stations are available throughout the park which we ask visitors to use during their visit.

🐾 Toilet facilities are available throughout the Zoo but will be limited as we focus on keeping the open areas more thoroughly disinfected.

🐾 Our indoor children’s play area remains closed until further notice. Face painting is also closed until further notice.

🐾 All food at Colchester Zoo is freshly prepared on site by staff in relevant PPE with their health checked daily so you can trust the food that you consume on a day out with us.

🐾 Dining tables are situated outside and placed apart to enable social distancing. We ask visitors not to move tables for the health and safety of yourselves and others.

🐾 We are encouraging visitors to use contactless payment whenever possible and kindly ask that cash is only used as a last resort. With the contactless limit being increased there should be limited need for pin entry. Our cash machine and cash back will not be available.

🐾 Our daily public keeper talks and feeds will not take place until further notice in order to prevent crowding. You can listen to some audio talks via our App.

🐾 Following Government Guidance in England, face coverings MUST be worn in ALL indoor buildings. This includes, but is not limited to, our Entrance, Gift Shop, Guest Services, Catering Outlets, indoor viewing areas which are allowed to remain open, and toilets. To read the full updated Government guidance for the public on wearing face coverings please click here.

🐾 We kindly ask all visitors to bring their own PPE including face coverings and follow personal hygiene regimes during their visit including washing hands regularly. We have face masks available for visitors to purchase however these are limited therefore encourage visitors to bring their own.

We understand and appreciate that there will be a number of questions surrounding visits therefore have put together FAQs to reassure you of all the safety measures we have in place.

It is important that our visitors follow the conditions we put in place to help us remain open and keep our staff, animals and other visitors safe and healthy. Working together, Colchester Zoo will be able to remain open albeit not in the usual way we know and have enjoyed the park in the past.

With all of the above in place, we hope that you will have confidence that we are doing all we can to help keep the Zoo a safe and enjoyable place to visit.

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