W.O.W Volunteers – an exciting opportunity to get involved and influence the future and have fun as part of a great team!

The aim of our W.O.W (Wonders of Wildlife) volunteers is to provide guests with experiences that would inspire them to have a greater understanding and respect for nature.  

The W.O.W volunteers help with the following development principles:

  • Encourage/establish a bond with the environment
  • Explore and expand guests’ relationships with animals
  • Encourage empathy for animals
  • Create a memorable experience
  • Provide experience that challenges and grows understanding of animals/nature
  • Acknowledge and overcome known obstacles to promoting experience and support to specific needs –our experiences will be fully accessible to all children
  • Grows volunteer skills and confidence

Educational touch tables and stalls

One of the key roles of Colchester Zoo’s Discovery and Learning department is to engage our visitors with conservation issues, allowing them to build on their current knowledge of animals through a process of self-discovery and hands on activities.

Colchester zoo volunteers will provide generic, themed play/experience and to engage guests with topics such as ecosystems, adaptations, or conservation issues in a direct way.  Providing the
framework for children and caregivers to make the natural world meaningful in their lives.

Professional teaching remains the domain of learning experts. Colchester Zoo volunteers do not attempt to be species experts; this remains the domain of our keeping staff.

For more information about volunteering, and what the role involves, please read our more detailed introduction document which includes FAQs (click here to open in a new tab).

To apply for W.O.W volunteers please complete the following form and return via email to volunteer@colchesterzoo.org

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