Virtual Queuing is designed to allow our guests with disability to enjoy our events without waiting in line if the guest is not able to do so as a result of their specific needs. Virtual Queue is only available for events listed on the Virtual Queue Sheet (VQ Sheet), and is not available for Glow Show, meet and greet priority, gift shop check-out, restaurant or any other queues.

Guests who qualify for the programme (verification of disability will be required equal to that to qualify for an Accessible Ticket) will be able to collect a VQ Sheet soon after they have entered the zoo grounds. Eligible guests will be held in a Virtual Queue which equals the estimated wait time at that respective location or a maximum of 30 mins.

Guests in the Virtual Queue have the opportunity to enjoy other areas of the zoo during the ‘wait time’ and then proceed to the specific attraction at the estimated time of entry.

Note – If they choose to enter the attraction for a second time they will have to wait an additional 30 mins so cannot expect to have immediate repeat access.

The Virtual Queue Programme has been introduced to ensure fair access to all and not to facilitate ‘queue jumping’ or to disadvantage guests who are able to queue.

Being part of the Virtual Queue Programme does not guarantee that guest will be able to have access to all of the attractions as this will depend on the priorities and plans they make to journey around the zoo.

The following procedures will be of assistance when making use of our VIRTUAL QUEUE PROGRAMME.

  1. Once guests have purchased tickets / scanned passes they will be able to collect a VQ Attraction Sheet from a point just inside the zoo grounds. This will be sited in a quiet area so far as is possible.

    When collecting your VQ Attraction Sheet you will be able to get information about the attractions listed and the particular characteristic of each area. Note: If you lose your VQ Sheet or do not obtain one as you enter the zoo you will not receive advanced admission to any attractions.
  2. Proceed to the entrance of the specific attraction with your V.Q. Attraction Sheet and request an estimated entry time from the queue manager who will be wearing a high visibility vest.
  3. The estimated time written on your V.Q. Attraction Sheet will be based on the current estimated wait time to a maximum of 30 minutes.  We encourage you to enjoy other parts of the zoo while you wait in the virtual queue system.
  4. Only the number of guests listed on the V.Q.P. sheet (Guest utilizing V.Q.P. and a maximum of 4 additional) are able to enter with the guest needing special access. Other party members will be required to use the usual attraction queuing process.

Please note: The guest with the disability must enter the event in order for their party to take part in our Virtual Queue Programme

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