Worlds Apart

The Worlds Apart exhibit opened in May 2008 and houses six enclosures including an open viewing enclosure for the zoo's two rhinoceros iguana and a small walk through primate enclosure!

The rhinoceros iguanas' open enclosure has been made with a glass wall that offers excellent viewing for all visitors. It is very much hoped the pair will soon breed to help boost the numbers in the European Endangered Species breeding programme.

Sloth full 18

Worlds Apart is also home to the green and yellow anaconda, poison dart frogs, a number of varying fish species, Red titi monkeys and our baby Komodo dragon.

Worlds Apart Walkthrough

Completed within August/September 2010, the new Worlds Apart walkthrough exhibit houses a number of species in an immersive open air setting offering visitors the chance to experience a walk through small primate exhibit, in which the small primates are able to run freely around the enclosure as visitors walk through and see them jumping around them!

Worlds Apart Walkthrough is home to a number of species including the Linne's two toed sloth and golden lion tamarins.

Make sure you experience the walkthrough on your next visit, and enjoy seeing these exciting species in an open and scenic environment.



4.30pm close or dusk if earlier
Last admission to zoo grounds at 3.30pm

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