At the end of 2021, a then 5-year-old named TJ, set up a mini zoo outside his house to collect donations for Colchester Zoo. He also ran a marathon dressed as a lion, raising over £12,000 in just 4 months!

In October 2022, at 7-years-old, TJ’s school nominated him for the ‘Be Kind Awards’ and he was also announced runner up for the John Caudwell Community Hero Award!

Now at 8-years-old, TJ decided to help Colchester Zoo celebrate their 60th birthday by raising money for endangered animals in the wild and chose to support Action for the Wild. In keeping with the Zoo’s 60th birthday, TJ chose to run his fundraising over 60 days starting on 14th May 2023 and finishing on 13th July 2023.

TJ completed a different activity every day with one rule – each activity had to include the number 60! Over the 60 days TJ took 60 photos of 60 different species at Colchester Zoo, painted 60 bees, recited 60 animal facts, wrote a song about ADHD in 60 words and much more!

After 60 days of fundraising, TJ raised over £600 for Action for the Wild!

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to TJ for playing such an important role in shaping the future and inspiring others to learn what actions we can take to help animals in the wild. We are so pleased that Colchester Zoo and Action for the Wild has given TJ inspiration to become a conservation warrior!

You can find out more about TJ’s 60 days of fundraising here.

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