In September 2018 a team from Colchester Zoo, made up of keepers and gardeners, took part in the 3 Peaks Challenge! This challenge involves climbing the highest mountain in Scotland, then England and finally Wales all in the name of two amazing charities co-funded by Colchester Zoo’s charity, Action for the Wild.

The first of these two charities is the Red Panda Network; a charity dedicated to the conservation of red pandas in the wild. This charity plays a vital role in protecting the remaining forests in the red pandas natural habitat in Nepal and training national forest guardians to protect the red pandas against poaching and illegal wildlife trafficking.

The second charity is the Komodo Survival Programme which manages the Wae Wuul Nature Reserve on the island of Flores in Indonesia. The project is committed to community awareness, patrolling and law enforcement in order to protect the Komodo dragons. The charity also involves the local community with the protection of the dragons; therefore providing income to these communities within Flores.

Both charities do an incredible job and this is why the team wanted to raise money to help support them in their work. These species are both unique, with red pandas now classed as endangered and Komodo dragons classed as vulnerable, it is more important than ever to help these amazing animals!

Since taking part in the challenge we can confirm that the team raised an amazing £1,215 that was split equally between both charities. We are incredible proud of our team members and we want to say thank you to everyone who supported them on this incredible challenge!

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