Ride London – 25th May 2024

Please be aware that there will be a number of road closures in the surrounding area on Saturday 25th May 2024 due to the Ride London bike race. Please take these closures into consideration when planning your journey to the Zoo.

To view all road closures taking place, please visit the Ride London website here.

A12 Closures – 20th April to 19th August 2024

From 20th April, you may experience heavy traffic around the surrounding area on your journey home due to planned roadworks along the A12 southbound carriageway between J26 Stanway and J25 Marks Tey. Route diversions will be in place but traffic may be increased due to this.

For more information, please visit the National Highways website.

On weekend dates from 10th May – 12th August 2024, there will also be roadworks taking place on the A12 southbound carriageway around J25 Marks Tey. During this time, the A12 southbound will remain open to traffic but with some changes to the road layout around J25. The southbound contraflow lane will remain open as usual but any motorists wanting to continue on the A12 southbound, past J25, are advised to use this lane. Traffic travelling in the inside lane will be diverted off of the A12 at J25. Those who wish to continue along the A12, will be diverted up and over the junction to re-join via the J25 southbound entry slip road.

Dates of ClosureClosure DetailsDiversion Route
Saturday 20th April – Friday 24th MayFull closure of the A12 southbound entry slip road at J26 StanwayTraffic will join the A12 northbound at J26, and travel to J27, and re-join the A12 southbound at J27 entry slip road
Monday 24th June – Friday 19th JulyFull closure of the A12 southbound exit slip road at J25 Marks TeyTraffic will continue along the A12 southbound to J24, and re-join the A12 northbound via the J24 northbound entry slip road
Friday 16th August – Monday 19th August

From 8pm on 16th to 6am on 19th August
Full closure of the A12 carriageway between the southbound entry slip road and exit slip road at J25 Marks TeyAll A12 southbound traffic will be diverted up and over J25, exiting the southbound carriageway via the southbound exit slip road, and re-joining the A12 southbound the other side of the junction via the J25 southbound entry slip road

A12 J26 southbound entry slip road closure diversion – 20th April to 24th May

A12 J25 southbound exit slip road closure diversion – 24th June to 19th July

A12 southbound carriageway at J25 road closure diversion – 16th August to 19th August

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