At the beginning of April we installed two pre-fabricated eco-boilers near the main entrance to the zoo!

These will be used to power our new admissions building, ticket office, Jungle Tumble Play Area, Kalahari Theatre and our kitchen in which we prepare all the animals food.

These eco-boilers are the first 2 of their kind to be installed by the company, ETA, and will help towards our ‘Green Zoo’ policy by reducing our carbon emissions as they run on pellets which are made from compressed sawdust shavings, left over from the wood industry.

An electrostatic precipitator (ESP) is fitted within the boilers which also helps to remove fine particles from the gas flowing in the system, this reduces the dust and smoke that the system produces, helping to keep low emissions.

This energy source has a much lower carbon footprint because the emissions are the same as the plant can absorb over its lifetime. It makes it much more eco-friendly than burning fossil fuels.

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