We’re delighted to announce that in the first few weeks of April we welcomed nine rainbow lorikeet chicks!

Since hatching they have remained in their nest boxes at our Australian Rainbow Walkthrough area with all of them are doing extremely well, including one chick that is being cared for by foster parents after it was rejected as an egg by its own parents.

Unlike the name suggests Rainbow lorikeet chicks start their life with fluffy grey feathers before they gradually gain the bright colours these birds are known for!

Once our new arrivals have grown in size, they will venture out of their boxes and mix with the rest of the group where our adult birds will show them the ropes.

Why not stop by Australian Rainbows on your next visit and hand feed our birds a pot of nectar* and see if you can spot our youngsters!

*Nectar is available to purchase for £1 per pot.

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