This February a young boy named Finley Martin, watched David Attenborough’s Dynasties program and wanted to do something to help endangered animals. He decided that he would create a book with facts about these animals and try and raise some money for an animal charity. Finley asked 6 of his friends to help with the project and between them they filled a book with some fantastic information all about the endangered animals in the world.

Once they had finished the book, they contacted Curtis O’Boyle Estate Agents in Maldon who printed their book free of charge to help support this worthy cause. The boys have since raised £382.00 from the sales of the book and have kindly donated this to Colchester Zoo’s charity Action for the Wild!

The boys and their parents popped into the zoo to give their donation to our Education Coordinator and collect a thank you certificate.

A huge thank you to Finley Martin age 5, Finlay Carroll age 6, Thomas Finneral age 6, Max Gaffney age 6, Lucas Ireton age 5, Fletcher Maughan age 6 and Lenny Pullen age 6 for all their hard work and for raising awareness of these amazing animals.

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