Oliver the horse arrived at Colchester Zoo in the middle of April from the World Horse Welfare, a rescue organisation in the UK. Oliver is a skewbald gelding who was born in January 2014 but as a rescue horse the exact date of his birth is unknown.

Since his arrival Oliver has settled in really well and has been out in the field grazing with our other rescued horses, Bruce, Homer and Meg. Not only has Oliver met his fellow horse friends but he has also been getting to know our two donkeys, Dougal and Drew who Oliver seems to be very fond of and has been hanging out with the most so far! 

Oliver has already proven to be a kind and affectionate horse who loves receiving attention from his keepers, he particularly enjoys having his withers scratched – the withers on a horse is the ridge between their shoulder blades. 

Once Oliver has become used to his new environment he will begin spending some time in the stable at our Familiar Friends area of the zoo where he will be able to meet visitors. The World Horse Welfare rehome horses with us who enjoy human interaction and so we’re sure that Oliver will become a firm favourite with visitors when he is ready to start to spend some time in the zoo. Our horses and donkeys take it in turns to spend time in the stable within the zoo and whilst they are not in the stables they enjoy time out in the fields.

NB: Due to the rotation with our other horses into the field, Oliver may not always be visible, we advise you contact us prior to your visit to find out if Oliver will be in the stable.

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