Colchester Zoo has once again welcomed some adorable gelada baboon babies!

The first of our new arrivals was born on the 16th February to mum, Keecha, and has since been confirmed as female and named Kamena! Mum has been very attentive and her little one is gradually starting to explore her new home and meet the rest of the group.

Our second baby was born on the 12th April to mum, Thandi, and has been confirmed as male! His keepers are yet to name him, however he has been doing extremely well and can be seen clinging onto mum.

Our larger male, Bruno, is dad to both of the new arrivals and has previously had 4 other babies with Thandi and Keecha, making them both very experienced mums. 

Geladas are currently listed as least concern on the IUCN Red List, however their population is decreasing so it is great that our group continues to successfully breed.

Why not stop by their enclosure on the Gelada Bridge and see if you can spot our new arrivals!

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