We are excited to announce the arrival of an adorable young female blue duiker calf! Keepers found her snuggled up to mum Jasmine on the morning of the 17th April. Jasmine and dad Jafar have been very attentive to the young calf, who is their third baby together.

Since confirming the new arrival is female keepers have decided to call her Florence, her big sister Penelope has been showing her the ropes and helping mum and dad. 

The word ‘duiker’ comes from the Afrikaans word meaning ‘diver’, named due to their habit of diving for cover when disturbed! The blue duiker is monogamous, with pairs such as our choosing to mate for life. The species is currently listed as Least Concern on the IUCN red list.

Our blue duikers share their home at with our blue cranes. Why not stop by their enclosure at the Edge of Africa and see if you can spot them.

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