Unfortunately Meg the Shire horse passed away on the morning of Wednesday 15th May 2019. Over the past 6 months Meg had been receiving veterinary treatment for Uveitis, which is an inflammation inside of the eye. Despite receiving treatment, Meg began to lose her eye sight during this period and only had 30% vision remaining. As the days have been longer and brighter, the Uveitis was becoming more uncomfortable for Meg and there was no further treatment available for her therefore the kindest but most difficult decision was made to put Meg to sleep.

Meg was originally rescued by the World Horse Welfare in 2008 and came to live at Colchester Zoo in August 2009, Meg was born in 1996 and lived at the zoo for 10 years. Meg lead a very happy life with us, she had an adorable personality and loved spending time out in the fields with the other horses but equally she enjoyed interacting with the public in the zoo and so became a firm favourite amongst visitors.

Meg was a beautiful horse and will be sadly missed by the zoo family, those that cared for her on a daily basis who built such a close and loving bond with her over the years and visitors too.

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