From Saturday 27th July Colchester Zoo will be introducing a charge of 5p for the use of paper cups when purchasing a hot drink.

All catering facilities within the Zoo will add 5p on to the cost of each hot drink purchased in a paper cup in an attempt to further encourage customers to bring in a reusable cup and reduce waste.

This is a movement that Colchester Zoo has decided to make as part of their ‘Green Zoo’ mission.

Easter 2019 saw Colchester Zoo introduce their very own reusable bamboo cup with an incentive of a free hot drink when first used. The Zoo also pledged to donate 10p to its charity Action for the Wild each time this reusable cup is used when purchasing a hot drink during the customers visit.

This action is also in line with the Zoo’s overall mission statement by not only raising awareness of the importance of reducing waste and promoting care for the environment through leading by example and also raising vital funds to assist conservation projects worldwide.

Colchester Zoo’s Bamboo Eco cup

Colchester Zoo is continually working to reduce, reuse and recycle as part of their ‘Green Zoo’ mission. The implementation of the paper cup charge is another step towards this mission and attempt to reduce waste and encourage the use of reusable cups.

Find out more about the Zoo’s sustainability movements here.

Where does the money go?

Colchester Zoo will donate the proceeds from the paper cup charge to its conservation charity Action for the Wild. The zoo also donates 10p to Action for the Wild each time a reusable cup is used when purchasing a hot drink.

Action for the Wild provides both financial and technical assistance, and aims to raise awareness among local people in community conservation programmes, as well as supporting conservation research. To find out more about Action for the Wild please visit  

Can I recycle my paper cup at the Zoo?

Colchester Zoo works closely with its suppliers to ensure the most environmentally friendly packaging is used.

Although at present the cups are not recyclable due to the lining in the cup, the zoo has sourced a paper cup that is 100% plastic free and is introducing this in the next few months. Visitors waste is put into mixed bins however, these are then sorted and the new paper cups will be recycled with the cardboard waste.

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