Our rhino crash has welcomed a new member!

As we, and our female rhino, Emily, get ready to welcome her baby at the end of the year, we have more recently welcomed an adult female white rhino from Knowsley Safari Park who arrived on 15th November 2019!

The new arrival is named ‘Binta’, a name that has the African meaning ‘with god’. Binta is 14 years old and has been getting to know her animal care team since arriving, whilst also being able to see some of our other animals at Kingdom of the Wild with whom she will eventually be introduced and share the main paddock.

It is hoped that Binta may become another breeding female with our male, Otto, in the future as white rhinoceros, such as our animals at Colchester Zoo, are currently listed as near threatened on the IUCN red list. This is why it is so important for breeding such as this to take place.

Binta will be monitored closely over the next few weeks as she settles in. Keep an eye out for updates on her progress!

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