Loss of male Cheetah cub

We are very sad to announce the loss of one of our male Cheetah cubs during the night of Thursday 7th May to Friday morning.

The cub was discovered by keepers during the early morning routine inspection. Our veterinarian will be involved to ascertain the cause of the death.

This is extremely sad, particularly at this moment and the difficult time we have to go through. However, we still have three female and one male cub and we can report that they are doing extremely well. Mum, Sia, is OK and continues to be a great mum to her 4 cubs so we hope there will be no further bad news to report to you.

We would like to pause for a couple of days before we move forward with naming the cubs to allow our dedicated keepers some time to recover from this very sad loss.

We appreciate this is devastating news, particularly for the keepers, but the zoo continues in its normal and usual way. We hope to soon announce to you more births which may bring a smile of satisfaction.

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