Shy Duiker calf is born!

On 3rd July 2020 Blue Duiker Jasmine gave birth to single healthy calf! Both mum and her new arrival are doing well as Jasmine continues to be a very attentive mother alongside dad, Jafar.

The calf is growing stronger every day and has already began to explore its new home whilst sticking close to mum during these early weeks. The Animal Care Team have said that the calf is a little shy and loves to dive amongst the reeds and bushes within the enclosure.

Blue duikers such as our family come from Eastern and Southern Africa and usually live in forests and wooded areas. Their coat is blue – grey in colour and one of its most distinguishing features is the scent gland on its face.

The group are fed a diet of various fruit and vegetables and share their home with our Blue cranes who are friendly neighbours that our young calf is getting to know.

See if you can spot our new arrival at the Edge of Africa section!

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