Spider Monkey baby born!

Colchester Zoo is excited to announce that on Tuesday 20th October our female Columbian black spider monkey named Cheekaboo gave birth to a healthy baby!

On the 19th October the Animal Care Team saw Cheekaboo exhibiting very early signs of labour and sure enough when they came in and checked on her the following morning she had a new born baby clinging tightly to her!

This is fantastic news for the zoo and for this species which is sadly listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List. Cheekaboo is an experienced mum and her 4-year old daughter Chilli still lives alongside her, together with dad Julius and the rest of the group.

The new arrival is yet to be sexed but as it grows bigger and stronger, we are sure it won’t be long before the Animal Care Team name the youngster!

Colombian black spider monkey babies have pink faces and ears when they are born but it won’t be long before the little one develops dark hair. As a species, they have long thin arms and hook-like hands but no thumbs! Their tail is often longer than their body and they use this as a fifth limb to help them climb and keep their balance.

The baby is currently very small and can be tricky to spot as it keeps warm clutching closely to mum but it is already heading outside with Cheekaboo so keep an eye out as you pass their enclosure during your visit!

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