Wide eyed, tiny new arrival!

On the 17th November 2020 we welcomed a baby L’hoest monkey! Since then, the little one has been kept close to mum Casey and dad Kane. The youngster is doing extremely well, growing bigger, stronger, and more confident with both parents being very attentive.

Mum Casey is 12 years old and was born here at Colchester Zoo, she is an experienced mum having previously welcomed four other offspring. Dad Kane is also 12 years old and arrived from Budapest in July 2018 to join the group, the pair have been together ever since!

Casey would have been pregnant for 5 months with each of her offspring and she will nurse this little one for some time.  Baby L’hoest monkeys such as this one are born with orange hair, which darkens when they are around 3 months old. They develop a white ruff that frames their face with distinctive deep-set orange eyes!

L’hoest monkeys are from the tropical forests in the Democratic Republic of Congo, western Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. Their diet consists of fruits, leaves, shoots, invertebrates, and seeds.

The Animal Care Team are currently thinking of a name for the newest arrival to the group who live at our ‘Out of Africa’ are within the zoo opposite our meerkats.

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