UPDATE! Our Animal Care Team have been carefully monitoring the young arrival since birth and have now named the offspring, Tumelo.

On 20th September, female L’Hoest’s monkey, Tutsi gave birth to a healthy baby after a gestation period of five months. The new arrival is doing extremely well and has settled within the group under the watchful eye of mum and dad, Kane.

Tutsi was born at Colchester Zoo in 2014, whilst Dad, Kane, who was named after the famous footballer, Harry Kane, joined our group of monkeys in July 2018 from Budapest.

Photos by © Tom Smith

Baby L’Hoest’s monkeys such as this one, are born with orange hair, which darkens when they are around 3 months old. They develop a white ruff that frames their face with distinctive deep-set orange eyes!

Sadly, this species is classed as ‘Vulnerable’ on the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List of Threatened Species so this birth is a vital step towards the conservation of this species.

The new arrival is yet to be sexed but once this is confirmed our Animal Care Team will give it a name!

Our family of L’Hoest’s monkeys can be seen in their home at Edge of Africa. Why not stop by and see if you can spot the latest addition to the group!


The L’Hoest’s monkey is also known as the mountain monkey and belongs to the group of monkeys known as the guenons.

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