We are always excited to tell you about new arrivals to our ever-growing family which is why we are delighted to be able to announce another birth here at Colchester Zoo!

On 19th December, our female Kirk’s dik-dik, Daenerys, gave birth to a single offspring sired by our male, Demetri. Demetri is easy to distinguish from Daenerys as males have horns which can grow up to 11 cm in length.

Demetri arrived in September 2016 from Antwerp Zoo, whilst Daenerys arrived at Colchester Zoo back in November 2016 from Berlin Zoo. Kirk’s dik-diks form a monogamous pair and since their arrival, both Daenerys and Demetri have formed a strong bond and welcomed six offspring together.

The tiny new arrival is growing stronger each day and has been sexed by our Animal Care Team who have confirmed that Daenerys’ young is female and since named her Carol.

Kirk’s dik-dik is the smallest member of the antelope family, measuring a maximum of 45cm high at the shoulder with a maximum body length of just 80cm.

These small antelopes are listed as ‘Least Concern’ on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, however, when in danger, they will hide rather than run away. Their sandy-coloured body and distinctive markings act as great camouflage, helping them to blend into their natural habitat of dry, dense woodland, thickets and scrublands in Africa.

Our family of Kirk’s dik-diks can be seen enjoying their natural surroundings at the Edge of Africa. Why not stop by and see if you can spot our new arrival?

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