Meet Teddy, our male popcorn smelling, binturong! This week, Teddy, has been busy exploring his outdoor area which he shares with our female binturong, Cecilka, and our family of Asian Short-clawed otters. Teddy joined the Colchester Zoo family in December 2021, and since has settled in well to his news surroundings. At first, Teddy was a little unsure about venturing outside of his house, but after some encouragement from his Care Team, he started to explore, sniffing and scent marking the climbing beams.

Once Teddy found his confidence, he proceeded to head straight towards Cecilka’s house, following his nose and curious to meet his female counterpart. For now, Cecilka and Teddy remain separated. It is hoped that in the future, they become a breeding pair. After figuring out how to manoeuvre from one beam to the next, he met our family of eight Asian short-clawed otters.

©Michael Thompson and Megan Humberstone

Two hours later, Teddy decided it was time to head back to his indoor house, where he enjoyed some food.

Binturongs – also known as ‘bear cats’ – spend most of their time in the upper canopy and have a prehensile tail and specialised ankles which they can rotate 180 degrees. This adaptation allows them to climb and move through the upper canopy easily.

Binturongs are currently classed as ‘Vulnerable’ so Teddy is a great ambassador for his wild cousins helping towards the conservation of the species. Find out more >

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