Paris the Sealion of Colchester Zoo

It is with great sadness we have to share the news that on Wednesday 15th June 2022 one of our beloved sealions, Paris, passed away.

Paris was under veterinary observation and treatment for a degenerating inner ear infection that was not responding to treatment which ultimately led us to have to further investigate via general anaesthesia. Paris underwent this examination so we could provide the necessary further treatments or even possibly surgical interventions. Unfortunately, Paris passed away during the surgery despite all best efforts taken to help her.

Losing an animal is like losing a member of your family, it is the most difficult part of the job for any Animal Keeper. Our thoughts are with the Animal Care Team who worked closely with Paris, some have even cared for her since she arrived at the Zoo in 2003!

Paris’s exact date of birth is unknown but she was around 21yrs old when she passed away. Colchester Zoo was Paris’s home for 19 years and had an incredible bond, as they all do, with her keepers.

Kirsty, one of Paris’s keepers said “Paris was the boss of the group with a big personality, she was the largest of them all as she loved her food and was ruled by her belly! You’d know when Paris was around as she had the loudest roar and was very good at making a grand entrance into the pool with a big splash! We will miss Paris terribly and Playa Patagonia will not be the same without her.”

In time it will be interesting to see which one of the sealions will take the role of boss but for now it is with no doubt that the remaining sealions will also miss Paris. The Animal Care Team will be on hand as always to help them recover from this sad loss and given some extra attention over the next few weeks for reassurance.

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