Colchester Zoo Rocks 60

‘Colchester Zoo Rocks’ is a local school community project that we have put together to commemorate our 60th anniversary in 2023.

For ‘Colchester Zoo Rocks’ each participating school will be painting stones which, on return to the zoo, will be added to a commemorative garden. The theme for the art on the stones is the Zoo and its 60th anniversary; this could be a favourite animal or special memory at the Zoo.

Every school will also receive a large ‘boulder’ style rock for them to decorate as they wish within the theme. It could be that one student is chosen to design the rock on behalf of the school or each student has input in decorating the rock as a collaborative project.

All the painted stones will be added to a colourful commemorative garden for all to enjoy at the Zoo! This garden will be in place for 18 months and each participating school will be represented.

We’re delighted to have collaborated with Silverton Aggregates and Long Rake Spar who have kindly supported this project with the supply of approximately 12,000 x Scottish Cobbles and around 160 x Cambrian Boulders which will be painted by over 11,500 students across Essex, Suffolk and London!

On release of this project, we were pleased to have had an overwhelming amount of interest. Due to the size of the garden and limited number of rocks, we had to work on a first-come, first-served basis, so we are sorry for those who were unfortunately not able to participate on this occasion. However, we do offer FREE education sessions here at the Zoo, including an art session, so if you would like to plan a school visit do bear in mind booking a FREE education session with us too!

In January 2023, our Gardening Team will begin the new rockery garden which is due to be located at the main entrance to the Zoo for all to enjoy. The garden will remain in place for 18 months to commemorate the great milestone of 60 years in 2023 for Colchester Zoo.

We look forward to seeing the artistic creations and all the stones in place for completion of this special project.

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