Our male Cheetah, Abasi has moved to a new pad!

In April 2023, we welcomed the arrival of a new female Cheetah, Anika, from Vienna Zoo in Austria to the Colchester Zoo family as part of a breeding recommendation. Anika is young and, at times, can be very nervous so to allow Anika time to settle into her new surroundings, Abasi has been moved to a new ‘spot’ in the Zoo located opposite our Komodo Dragons. His brother Azizi, for now, will remain at his current location at Edge of Africa. This is to allow the team the chance to introduce Azizi to Anika. Azizi is also a nervous cat like Anikia, therefore the Animal Care Team thought that Azizi would be calmer around Anika and a good breeding partner.

Our previous litter of cheetah cubs were sired by Abasi with our previous female Cheetah, Sia.

This section of the Zoo has been unoccupied for over 2 years and under development with significant improvements made over the last 6 months. A new canopy has been installed along with a decking area to allow for additional seating and large glass panelling surrounds the area to allow for a better viewing of the habitat. All these improvements have created the purrr-fect stop for a spot of lunch or a cup of coffee.

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