A little Munchkin joins our Dik-dik family!

On the 7th November, female Kirk’s Dik-dik, Pumpkin, gave birth to a healthy male calf. This newest arrival is Pumpkin’s fourth offspring and has been aptly named ‘Munchkin’, with her previous offspring being named Patch, Spice and Pie. Pumpkin was born at Edinburgh Zoo on the 31st October (hence the name!) and in August 2021, was transferred to Colchester Zoo upon a breeding recommendation for the species. Dad, Demetri, arrived from Antwerp Zoo in September 2016 and has since sired a total of 15 calves – the newest arrival being his 16th!

Pumpkin is an experienced mother and both her and Munchkin are doing very well. Although our newest arrival has ventured out into the paddock a few times, Pumpkin and Munchkin will remain indoors, in an off-show area, for the majority of the time as the little one grows healthier and stronger. They will then join Dad, Demetri and siblings, Spice and Pie in their main habitat at Edge of Africa.

The Kirk’s Dik-dik is one of the smallest members of the antelope family, measuring a maximum of 45cm high at the shoulder with a maximum body length of just 80cm! This species comes from eastern and southwest Africa and likes to eat shoots, twigs, leaves, fruits and flowers. In the wild, they are so well adapted to the conditions of the African bush that they do not need to drink. Instead they get all the water they need from the plants they eat! The Kirk’s Dik-dik is currently classed as ‘Least Concern’ on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

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