Adorable Aardvark Arrivals!

On 19th October, we welcomed two new Aardvarks; male Koos and female Oni.

Koos and Oni both arrived on loan from Chester Zoo as part of a breeding recommendation. Koos is 7 years old and Oni is 10 years old. The pair have settled in very well with our female, OQ, and all three can be seen sleeping together as a group in their home at Aardvark Burrow.

Aardvarks are currently listed as ‘Least Concern’ on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. They are easily recognisable by their long snout and pointy ears with their name meaning ‘earthpig’ in Afrikaans. Their short, powerful limbs with shovel-shaped claws, make them excellent diggers and in the wild their burrows can be up to 13 metres long!

An Aardvark’s tongue is around 30cm long and is used to catch termites and ants. They can eat up to 50,000 insects each night! They are primarily nocturnal, spending most of their day time sleeping in their burrow.

Be sure to see our Aardvark trio on your next visit at Aardvark Burrow!

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