Our warthog family has grown once again with the arrival of four adorable hoglets!

UPDATE (April 2024): Our hoglets have been named! Meet Badger, Ditch, Poppy and Willow!

On 5th and 6th March, our Animal Care Team were delighted to discover that our female warthog, Hermione, had given birth to four healthy hoglets. Since their arrival, the team have been able to assess their health and can confirm that we have one male and three females. They are currently awaiting names but we will keep you updated once confirmed.

Hermione arrived at Colchester Zoo in October 2019 from Munster Zoo, whilst Moja was born at Colchester Zoo in June 2014. Back in 2023, they became parents to warthog twins and now fast forward a year, they have welcomed their fourth litter!

Both Hermione and Moja are proving to be excellent parents once again. The hoglets have already grown in confidence and can be seen exploring their new home and enjoying the sunshine.

Warthogs are currently listed as ‘Least Concern’ on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

See if you can spot the new arrivals on your next visit at the Edge of Africa!

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