You may have noticed that our charity, Action for the Wild, has changed its name!

Over the past 2 years, we have been busy behind the scenes putting the necessary protocols into place to ensure that Colchester Zoo is enjoyed by future generations to come. In April 2024, our charity, Action for the Wild made the exciting change to Colchester Zoological Society (CZS), which will eventually take over the running of the Zoo in 2025.

Although turning the Zoo in to a charitable trust seems a huge change, you won’t notice a vast difference to your day to day visits.

Colchester Zoological Society will continue to support conservation projects worldwide, including the UmPhafa Nature Reserve in South Africa which has also recently turned into a conservation trust.  

With a new name comes new branding and since 1st January 2024, we have introduced a new logo in preparation for next year. However, this is only a subtle change to the recognised brand of Colchester Zoo. This new branding has been designed in-house and will eventually be rolled out across different materials when required.

Our website,, may look a little different as we work towards creating a brand-new site that encompasses both the Zoo and the charity to show the synergy of the two entities in readiness for Colchester Zoological Society to take over from January 2025. You’ll be able to see what conservation work worldwide your visits, experiences, donations and transactions with the Zoo help – all in one place!

On 1st January 2025, Colchester Zoological Society will take over the running of Colchester Zoo. By making the crucial change from a privately owned zoo to a charitable trust, Colchester Zoological Society will ensure that the Zoo remains a key destination in Essex for years to come, as well as continue to protect and preserve wildlife and wild places with conservation at its heart.

Join us throughout the year as we share important updates and announcements about the future of Colchester Zoo!

Find out more about Colchester Zoological Society here.

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