Exciting Spider Monkey Birth!

On 16th April 2024, female Colombian black spider monkey, Cheekaboo, welcomed her 7th offspring!

Cheekaboo is an experienced mum and has been doing a great job of caring for the little one alongside her other daughters, Chilli and Cherry, and dad, Julius.

Chilli, aged 7 years old, and Cherry, aged 3 years old, have both been very inquisitive about their new sibling, and Julius has been a fantastic dad, helping look after the baby whilst cuddling with Cheekaboo.

“The baby is still only a few weeks old, so we don’t yet know whether we have a baby girl or boy, but we will be looking out over the next month to see what name suits best.”

Emily, Primate Keeper at Colchester Zoo

Colombian black spider monkeys get their name from their spider-like appearance, due to their disproportionately long limbs. Their prehensile tail is used as an additional limb and can support their whole body weight whilst climbing. Colombian black spider monkey babies have pink faces and ears when they are born but gradually develop dark hair as they grow older.

“This birth is really important for the conservation of the species as Colombian black spider monkeys are currently listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, so it’s great news to welcome this new arrival.”

Emily, Primate Keeper at Colchester Zoo

Colombian black spider monkeys come from South-Western Colombia to Eastern Panama and live in dry, humid and cloud forests. They are believed to occupy the greatest range of forest habitats of any Colombian spider monkey.

Although the baby can be tricky to spot, it has been exploring outside, clutching closely to mum, so keep an eye out as you pass their home at Meddelin Monkeys situated opposite Leopards at Ussuri Falls.

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