Formally organised educational youth groups qualify for our discounted educational youth group rates. These rates are available for groups of children visiting the zoo as part of an organised, pre-booked trip lead via an organisation/charity/educational institute or similar. This includes:

  • Uniform youth groups (e.g. Scouting, Guiding, Boys and Girls Brigade, Sea Cadets, etc.)
  • Extracurricular educational groups (e.g. school science club, environmental club, etc.)
  • Groups for children with additional support (e.g. at risk youth groups, young carers, etc.)

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Payment is not required at the time of booking your visit, nor in advance of your visit.
Educational Youth Groups must pay on the day once they arrive at the zoo and confirm final numbers.
There is no charge or fee if you need to cancel your visit or change the date of your visit.

To fill in this form you will require the following information:

  • Educational Youth Group contact details
  • Proposed visit date
  • Estimated numbers of children and adults (final numbers will be confirmed on the day)

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