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All sessions follow Covid-secure guidelines, including: education staff wearing PPE, distancing where possible, and extensive cleaning procedures.

Sessions are 45 minutes unless otherwise stated.
Sessions work best with 30 or fewer pupils, but unless otherwise stated, we can accommodate more if necessary.

Our sessions are limited in availability and very popular.
Please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

If you have any questions about these sessions or wish to check availability on a specific date, please contact our education department directly at 01206 332511, 01206 332512 or 01206 331292 or email

*Colchester Zoo reserves the right to charge a £20 fee educational sessions which are booked but not attended.

Available Business & Tourism Sessions:

Click on an education session for more details including curriculum links.

Please Note, all of our Business & Tourism Sessions have been updated to the end of the 2019 fiscal year reflecting normal operating conditions, staffing, admission, etc. As such, they do not include details of the business and financial impacts of Covid-19 on the 2020 year and beyond.

If your students require a lot of information regarding business changes and impact during 2020, we recommend booking a standard session, along with a Q&A session. This will provide time for our staff to walkthrough comparisons between our standard operations with 2020’s operations and answer any student questions. If you are specifically interested in this, please ensure you mention it when booking.

Detailed Session Descriptions:

Finance Talk KS4, and Higher

After an introduction to Colchester Zoo’s finance objectives, costs and revenue are examined. A full analysis using graphs, charts, and figures shows the difference in profits on low visitor days compared to high visitor days. The difficulties of a tourist attraction trying to balance those varying visitor numbers while remaining profitable are then explored with reference to strategies used to encourage visitors.

Click for curriculum topics covered:

HR Workshop KS4, and Higher

Please note this session is 90 minutes for a maximum of 40 students.
This session covers the basics of what Colchester Zoo’s human resources department does.  Students learn about the cost of staff wages, the recruitment process, job descriptions, personnel specifications, the job interview process, and other jobs of the human resources department.  Students then get the chance to complete a mock hiring process.  Based on a job description, students develop a personal specification matrix.  Using this matrix, students then evaluate a selection of CV’s to decide which candidates match their personal specifications and who they would invite for an interview.

Click for curriculum topics covered:

Marketing Talk KS3, KS4, and Higher

Students will learn what marketing is, and how we successfully market products at Colchester Zoo.  The talk covers a wide range of topics including: who our target customers are, who our competitors are, various levels of products, SWOT analysis, marketing strategies, product lifecycles, market research, and advertising. For lower level talks, all of these concepts are tied back into the marketing mix terms of price, place, product, and promotion.

Please note that there is considerable overlap between the Zoo as a Business Talk and Marketing Talk. Therefore, only one should be booked for the same group of students.

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Q & A Session KS3, KS4, and Higher

Please note this session is 45 minutes for a maximum of 50 students.
This session is a bookable timeslot for your students to ask Colchester Zoo staff questions.  Zoo staff can answer questions on a wide range of topics including how we use science at Colchester Zoo, how we meet the needs of our customers, health and safety concerns of a zoo, case study examples of our conservation projects, or a focus on any other topic.

This session is ideal for students which are required to gather specific information for completing mock assessment, portfolios, workbooks, etc.

Students attending this session MUST come prepared with a list of question to ask the speaker.

Zoo as a Business KS3, KS4, and Higher

This session is designed to give students an overview of Colchester Zoo as a visitor attraction.  It covers a wide range of topics including: running costs, competition, staffing and job roles, our customers, zoo surveys, our products, marketing strategies, and advertising. 

Please note that there is considerable overlap between the Zoo as a Business Talk and Marketing Talk. Therefore, only one should be booked for the same group of students.

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