Close-up contact centre!
Open daily from 10.30am – 3.30pm*

Our animal interaction centre is open on a daily basis from 10.30am – 5pm* and also serves as a classroom facility for school workshops. It is located just past Koi Niwa, on the outskirts of our Familiar Friends area.

The Sensation Station allows you to engage with your senses as you can SEE how tortoises, exotic snakes and other reptiles are adapted to their environment.

You can use your super senses to TOUCH, SMELL, LISTEN and ultimately discover the differences between the animals that you meet here.

Colchester Zoo believes it is important for visitors to be able to interact and get up close to different species, learn more about them and connect with nature.

We also have a number of daily ‘walkabout’ encounters which start from just outside the Sensation Station including animals from skunks to guinea pigs! Check the timetable at the zoo on the day of your visit.

*Autumn and winter opening times may alter.

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