What activities will challenge your team?

10.00am choose from either:

Animal Training and Communications

Take on the Animal training and Communications Challenge and your team will be instructed in the secrets of animal training by one of our experts. Then, stepping inside an animal enclosure, your team will be given the chance to have a go yourselves and train the most difficult of animals, each other!Next is the chance to watch an expert trainer at work with one of their animals, before your team heads off to compete in the sheepdog trials, an exercise in planning, following directions and trust as well as being a whole lot of fun!

Animal Detective Squad

Become a rookie in the Animal Detectives Squad. There’s been a murder at the zoo and the suspects are all animals. Can your team work together to solve this beastly case? Your team will be briefed on the crime, examine the evidence, watch a taped interview and be introduced to the suspects. The rest is up to you.

Racing against the clock, your teams have to interview the suspects who reside in different parts of the zoo, but who is telling the truth? Who had an alibi? Who had a motive and who had the opportunity? With more red herrings than a seal’s supper, this hoot of a whodunit will have your team foxed from the start.

This is an exercise in time budgeting, lateral thinking, attention to detail and most of all, a groups’ ability to listen, discuss and reason together to reach a successful conclusion, before in true Agathy Christy style, all will be revealed!

Treasure Quest 

Embark upon the Treasure Quest! Armed with only a treasure map and some basic equipment, your teams must race against time and each other to solve the riddles, complete the tasks and answer the questions that stand between them and the glory of claiming the Lost Tracker’s treasure for themselves.

With both physical and mental challenges along the way, this exercise has something for all abilities and tests skills in lateral thinking, problem solving, planning, time budgeting and of course working together as a team. But ultimately, only the most successful team will claim the right to step forward and take on the final challenge and see if they have what it takes to claim the Lost Tracker’s treasure!

Activities to choose from which take place at 2.00pm are Animal Detective Squad as above or:

Enrichment Excercise

Creations for Creatures – With this exercise, your team is introduced to the concept of animal enrichment, a method employed by zoo keepers to keep their animals happy, healthy and stimulated.

Your team will be given advice and guidelines and supplied with all the materials and sticky tape you need before racing against the clock to design and construct a device to test the abilities of some of our animals.

This is an exercise in planning, time budgeting and cooperation to not only build an exciting toy, but also deliver it right inside the animals enclosure where it will be judged by the toughest panel of all, the animals themselves!

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