Back in April we were excited to announce that we had welcomed a baby aardvark to Mum Oq and 28yr old Dad Afer! The new arrival has been doing extremely well with mum being very attentive. This is Oq and Afer’s first young together and has recently been sexed as a little girl!

On Wednesday 19th June the little one was introduced to our other female Puq and her dad for the very first time, she has mixed well with the group and they can all be seen snuggling up together during their regular nap times!

Our dedicated keepers are currently thinking of what name to give the youngster and would like our loyal visitors for their suggestions too – so share with us what name you would give this adorable aardvark.

Aardvarks such as ours are nocturnal which is why our group can usually be seen sleeping in their burrow during the day! Their name means ‘Earth Pig’ in the Afrikaans language, with their long snout being similar to a pig in appearance.

This new arrival is fantastic news for the species with many of the group’s previous offspring having moved on to other collections around the world!

Stop by the enclosure to see the family during your next visit at The Aardvark Burrow.

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